We have been delivering industrial solutions for German and international markets since 1988. In 2006 we changed the company’s registration to

ZLBM Muehlenbein KG, a manufacturer and supplier for multiple industries.Our main focus is manufacturing and supplying of high performance composites for the rough industrial environment:


• High temperature applications from 300°C/572°F to 2000°C/3632°F at open atmosphere or 300°C/572°F to 3000°C/5432°F under protective gas, reduced atmosphere and vacuum,

• aggressive chemical environment,

• thermal radiation, ultraviolet radiation, radioactivity ,

• electromagnetic fields, high frequency, radar, high voltage,

• Hot gas, exhaust jets und plasma jets.


Our fibre reinforced composites are based on a new KOMPOSIT - technology for high temperature applications. Our capability is to improve fibre reinforced materials, like CFRP, carbon fibre reinforced plastics or GFRP, fibreglass reinforced plastics, to reach permanent temperature resistance of more than 300°C. Through a suitable fibre selection and modifications of the matrix, we can optimize the required thermal and mechanical qualities of our KOMPOSITE`s. With our KOMPOSIT - technology we have developed a new generation of materials. Our composites are described as fibre reinforced preceramics and ceramic matrix composites. Our KOMPOSIT-technology offers multiple advantages, through light weight construction in combination with high mechanical solidity, high temperature and high voltage insulating qualities.

Our headquarters is located in a beautiful region in between the vineyards of the river Mosel, with direct highway exit to the A48/A1 near Trier. The nearest airports are Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Hahn and Luxembourg. We would be happy to welcome you at our house for an informational visit, please contact us via e-mail for arrangements.