In order to achieve high mechanical solidity with low weight, we manufacture plastics, preceramics and ceramics only with fibre reinforcement. Combining ceramic matrix with fibre reinforcement has many advantages. The break, pressure, and tensile strengths of the fibre reinforced composites cannot be achieved by metal constructions. Cracks can happen earlier with transfer elements made from metal.


With our reinforced composites you can prevent this decomposition destruction. Our fibre reinforced elements can compensate vibrations over a long period of time, without a rip formation and the longitudinal expansions are extremely low.


Our high-performance materials have much higher thermal constancies in comparison to metals. Our KOMPOSIT does not twist or bend at high temperatures. In comparison to steel, our materials don't show any corrosion.


Through matrix modifications, fibre selection and fibre combinations, we can adjust the KOMPOSIT qualities according to your requirements.