Our fibre reinforced plastics are based on organic resins with a defined matrix. These ranges of products are applied: In building and construction, automotive industry, e-cars, hybrid engines, marine, aeronautics, aerospace construction and decorative industrial design.




The temperature solidity has a subordinate role at these material systems. The mechanical composite material qualities, toughness, pressure, break, turn, and impact strengths are the main advantages in comparison to metals.


Our reinforcements consist of fibre glasses, carbon fibres, basalt fibres or combinations of fibres. Furthermore, Aramid or Kevlar can be brought in for protective applications.


Our technology of manufacturing composites includes laminates, vacuum bagging, hot pressing, resin transfer moulding, pultrusion and winding. Autoclaves in different volumes and sizes are available. Our FRP based on glass or basalt fibres are outstanding electrical insulators. The conductivity of our reinforced plastics can be changed through matrix modification. Our FRP systems do not show corrosion in comparison to metal.


Our standard plate dimensions are until 2000mm = 79" and thickness starting from 0,05". We manufacture following geometries: Rods, tubes, profiles and various moulded parts.


In order to determine the suitable fibre system material for you, we will give you our advice.