Our fibre reinforced preceramic matrix composites are an evolution of the fibre-reinforced plastics and ceramics.

Our new KOMPOSIT technology offers you materials for high temperature applications and rough industrial environment. It opens new opportunities in technological design and increase the efficiency in modern industrial processing.

The matrix of KOMPOSIT preceramics has as well as synthetic as mineral character. We achieve permanent application temperatures of 550°C/1022°F at normal atmosphere without losing synthetic character. Our preceramic materials can withstand temperatures up to 900°C/1652°F at normal atmosphere and 1650°C/3002°F in vacuum or protective gas atmosphere.

Through our unique technology we save resources of raw materials and energy for production.


Advantages of our preceramics are:


  • excellent thermal resistance
  • excellent mechanical strength
  • thermal shock and corrosion resistance
  • excellent insulating qualities
  • torsion and ductility

Through modifications of the matrix and variation of reinforcement, we can discontinue electric and thermal conductivities according to your requirements and change the mechanical properties.


Our fibre reinforced preceramics are:

  • KOMPOSIT-A  - Al2O3 fibre reinforced preceramics
  • KOMPOSIT-B  - basalt fibre reinforced preceramics
  • KOMPOSIT-C  - carbon fibre reinforced preceramics
  • KOMPOSIT-C/C  - carbon fibre reinforced carbonized preceramics
  • KOMPOSIT-S  - SiO2 - fibre reinforced preceramics
  • KOMPOSIT-SiC – SiC-fibre reinforced preceramics

In order to determine the suitable fibre system, we will give you our advice.

Our boards (panels) have  thickness starting from 0,02" ( 0,5 mm)  up to 1"  (25,4 mm) and  standard dimensions of 40" x 40" (1000 x 1000 mm), on special requests up to  80" ( 2100 mm). We manufacture following geometries: boards (panels), tubes, profiles, various moulded parts.




Our fibre reinforced CMCs, or ceramic matrix composites, possess such qualities as high temperature resistance and mechanical strength. Their outstanding performance sets them apart from the other materials available on the market. With our CMC materials you can fulfil the most complicated and ambitious projects.

We achieve permanent application temperatures of 1100°C/2000°F and for some CMC materials even 2400°C/4352°F after special treatments.


Advantantages of our CMCs are:

  • fire-proof, antioxidant,
  • excellent mechanical strength,
  • thermal shock and corrosion resistance,
  • excellent thermal and electrical insulating qualities,
  • chemical stable, chemical neutral,
  • ductile.


Our fibre reinforced ceramics are based on carbon fibre reinforcement and infiltrated with micro-particles, as further:

  • KOMPOSIT-C/SiC    - CMC, infiltrated with SiC microparticles,
  • KOMPOSIT-C/B4C    - CMC, infiltrated with B4C microparticles,
  • KOMPOSIT-C/WC   - CMC, infiltrated with WC microparticles.

Our boards (panels) have  thickness starting from 0,02" ( 0,5 mm)  up to 1"  (25,4mm) and  standard dimensions of 20" x 20" (0,5 meter x 0,5 meter), on special requests up to  80" ( 2,1 meter). We manufacture following geometries: boards (panels), tubes, profiles, various moulded parts.