We create charging-, loading- and carrying elements from KOMPOSIT (reinforced ceramic matrix composites) for the construction and maintenance of industrial furnaces. We also manufacture and supply insulating elements, linings, fixations, bolts, screws, nuts, guides, ventilation tubes and. Our reinforced KOMPOSITs withstand permanent temperatures as high as 5432°F.


Our KOMPOSIT basic elements for furnace constructions are:





• Panels: Thickness from 0,025 until 0,8inch with max. Dimension 59 x 59inch,

• Profile: L-Profiles, U-Profiles, T-Profiles, Double-T-Profiles and others,

• Tubes: Square, Rectangle, Round,

• Rods: Square, Rectangle, Round,

• Strips and stripes,

• Prefabricated and integral parts

• Custom and customer specific manufactured tubes, rods, chargers and heating elements.


Fixing elements for constructions are made from carbon reinforced carbon, graphite, KOMPOSIT-C or KOMPOSIT-C/C. We manufacture screws, nuts, bolts and washers according to customer requirements.

Implementation of KOMPOSIT allows to increase the loading volume of furnaces and a more efficient usage of your equipment. Through fibre reinforced KOMPOSIT we increase a loading capacity of carriers . KOMPOSIT is not bending through temperature and up to 70% lighter than metal.


For processing at normal atmosphere from 572°F until 1472°F we suggest to use:


• KOMPOSIT-B (permanent T. resistance 1112°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C (permanent T. resistance 932°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C/C (permanent T. resistance 932°F)

• KOMPOSIT-S (permanent T. resistance 1472°F)


For processing in vacuum or with protective gas from 572°F until 5432°F we suggest to use:


• KOMPOSIT-A (permanent T. resistance 1832°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C (permanent T. resistance 4532°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C/C (permanent T. resistance 5072°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C/SiC (permanent T. resistance 5432°F)

• CFC-MC, CFC-PAN (permanent T. resistance 4532°F)


To prevent carbonization while processing parts, we suggest combining KOMPOSIT-C (carbon fibre reinforced ceramic) with KOMPOSIT-A (Al2O3fibre reinforced ceramic).


*More technical details on special request.