For the area of high temperature processing and automated production lines we manufacture construction elements that are suitable for temperatures from 572°F to 5432°F. Our KOMPOSIT elements are basic and main parts for your construction kit:








• Panels: Thickness from 0,025 until 0,8inch with max. Dimension 59 x 59inch,

• Profile: L-Profiles, U-Profiles, T-Profiles, Double-T-Profiles and others,

• Tubes: Square, Rectangle, Round,

• Rods: Square, Rectangle, Round,

• Prefabricated and integral parts


Our KOMPOSIT technology gives you advantage through lightweight construction with mechanical strength and toughness. Our KOMPOSITe`s are saving resources. Now you can exchange metal parts through KOMPOSIT. The weight of carriers can be reduced until 50%; this minimizes mechanical attrition und saves energy. Our KOMPOSIT technology reduces downtime and manufacturing cost.


Our fibre reinforced KOMPOSITE are based on carbon-, basalt-, or ceramic fibres. You will get tough parts and lightweight constructions, with outstanding mechanical qualities and high temperature resistance. Various fibres can be combined to use the qualities and characters of multiple fibre reinforcements and reach the best performance.

Advantages of our KOMPOSIT FRP`s for high temperature processing equipment:


• Suitable for rough industrial environment,

• High mechanical und thermal resistance,

• Permanent temperature resistance 572°F-1832°F at normal athmosphere,

• Permanent temperature resistance 572°F-5432°F in vacuum or with protective gas,

• Low weight,

• Synthetic behaviour and shock resistance.




• KOMPOSIT-A (permanent T. resistance 1832°F)

• KOMPOSIT-B (permanent T. resistance 1112°F)

• KOMPOSIT-C (permanent T. resistance 932°F/4532°F Vacuum)

• KOMPOSIT-S (permanent T. resistance 1472°F)

• CFC-MC, CFC-PAN (permanent T. resistance 932°F/4532°F Vacuum)

• KARBON-M (permanent T. resistance 932°F/3632°F Vacuum)

• MUT.+ carbon (permanent T. resistance 572°F)

• MUT.SC (permanent T. resistance 1832°F)


*More technical details on special request.