For the oil and gas exploration and extraction, developing of hot sources we supply tubes, pipes, seals, gaskets or moulded parts.




We reach maximum life cycle of our products through thermal resistance, mechanical toughness and chemical stability of our products.





Additional advantages are:

• Water resistant, water tight, gastight, impermeable

• Oil resistant, lotus effect

• Solvent resistant, aromatic resistant

• Increased burst pressure through fibre reinforcement and fibre placement

• Temperature resistance up to 900°C = 1652°F at normal atmosphere


Our KOMPOSIT tubes support the following applications: hot gas equipment, plasma pipes, oil and gas refinery, hydraulic fracturing, exhaust equipment, shale oil extraction.


Moulded parts are manufactured with the hot compression equipment or with a help of pull winding technology through thermal processing and special treatment.


We apply the following fibre for reinforcement:

• Aluminium oxide Al²O³ NEXTEL continuous textiles and roving

• Carbon textiles, roving, felt and HT fibre

• Basalt textiles, roving and felt

• Silicate textiles and felt


We deliver tubes of the following dimensions:

• Diameter 8 mm up to 900 mm

• Length up to 2500 mm

• Another dimensions on agreement