Tubes, Funnels, Rods

Tubes, Funnels, Rods as insulating parts are important for production lines and production equipment, which are functioning under high temperature.

Our Tubes, made from Karbon-M (fine grain graphite with density 1,85 g/cm3)  have the following new dimensions:


  • Maximum diameter 220 mm
  • Maximum length up to  1230 mm

The new machines and modern measuring technology allow the very precise manufacturing with tolerance +/-0,02  mm.


We manufacture CFC Tubes and Rods from material CFC-3D, which has a density 1,5 g/cm3, fine three- dimensional structure  and permits very exact machining with low tolerance measurements. As a standard, we deliver rods with dimensions:


  • Diameter up to 25 mm and length up to 1000 mm

and by special production:


  • Maximum Diameter 80 mm and length 1000 mm