Activation of surfaces

We manufacture fibre reinforced plastics and preceramics with conductive metal surfaces for copper, silver and gold. Metal layers are manufactured from our KOMPOSIT materials in a thermal process. They possess the same temperature constancy as the corresponding metals.






•Light weight antennas for UHF-SHF, microwave or radar, with outstanding mechanical stiffness

•High temperature insulators with conductive surface

•Light weight HF absorbers with mechanical solidity and thermalresistance

•Ultraviolet and corrosion resistant installations on antenna systems


Insulating surfaces

Insulating surfaces

Insulating surface of KOMPOSIT-C guards from electrical and thermal flow. In thermal processing our alumina surface protects from carbonization.



•Prevention of short cuts in high temperature atmospheres

•Passivation of carriers for thermal processing

•Absorbers for plasma processing

•Insulators for thermal processing