Seals and gaskets for high temperature applications

Our high performance seals, gaskets and separators are made from fibre reinforced preceramics with various reinforcements:

• Alumina fibre and woven

• Basalt fibre and woven

• Carbon fibre and woven

• SiO2 fibre and woven

• Stainless steel fibre and woven




Our seals, gaskets and seperators fit the following requirements:

• Long term lifecycle with temperature resistance up to 800°C / 1600°C vacuum

• Synthetic character and ductility at permanent temperature treatment

• Chemical, oil and solvent resistance

• High pressure resistance

• Hot steam resistance and water and liquid impermeable


To improve toughness, break resistance, flexural strength and wear resistance, we apply our carbide sintering technology.


Our gaskets are implemented in following applications:

• Aeronautics

• Automotive

• Oil & gas

• Chemical production and processing

• Power generation & energy storage

• Electrolysis

• Gas purification

• Precision sensors

• Waste Recycling