Hollow glass products, like bottles (narrow neck) and glass jars (wide neck), represents one of the world-wide biggest areas in the glass manufacturing industry.


The ZLBM Muehlenbein KG is manufacturerer and supplier from insulators, attrition parts and spare parts for the hot end glass ware handling sectors:



• container glass,

• pharmaceutical glass,

• tube glass,

• flacon glass,

• tableware,

• cristall glass


* On special request, we will supply you our product informations for product groups like: Deadplates, glass contact materials and insulators.


Advantages of our deadplate systems


• Good sliding abilities, low attrition

• Thermal and chemical resistance

• Thermal insulation, thermal shock prevention

• Efficient air flow through individual drill grid pattern

• Individual design, excellent materials choice

• Tough and reliable constructions

• Attractive cost / performance ratio

• Reducing downtime while machine setup and insert replacement


Push out & pocket insulators

The pusher mechanism guides the glass containers with sweep out pockets (pusher insulator) from the deadplate to the glass convoyer belt. The glass is very fragile because of surface pressure. Rips and defects can appear if glass gets in contact with metal parts. For this reason the choice for insulator materials are limited.


It is very important to choose the right insulating material for the glass contact. The following criteria should be taken into consideration:


• Temperature resistance,

• Insulation qualities,

• Constancy while frequent temperature changes,

• Mechanical wear solidity and toughness,

• Chemical constancy,

• Well tested glass contact abilities.


We supply the right insulating materials according to your requirements.


Guides and convoyer guides

The task of the guiding part, is, to position the glass container in the certain place. After taking a glass container out of the mould, the first glass contact happens with the Deadplate and Sweep out pockets. To position the glass containers in the insulator pocket, we recommend guiding the glass containers.


We offer three different solutions on your choice:

• Guiding Parts with Airflow Nozzles

• Guiding Parts with Insulators

• Guiding Parts with Airflow Nozzles and Insulators


Ware transfer

The glass ware transfer handling requires special material qualities of insulators and defined design because:


• The non relaxed glass surface is fragile,

• The surface tension of the glass is high,

• The hot end coating is emitted on insulators,

• The G forces are high,

• The glass owns different points of gravitation,

• Unstable glass container,

• Pre-sorting of the glass containers.


Advantages of our insulators:


• Implementation from composites with excellent qualities,

• Custom design, production on request and according to your requirements,

• Increasing your glass production quality,

• Reduction of wear,

• Prevention of rips and ripples on the glass surface.


Lehr loaders and stacker bar insulator

Possible solutions in the area of the lehr and stacker bar (lehr loader) are influenced by the following factors:


• permanent temperatures of 400-650°C,

• vast temperature differences,

• large quantity of glass articles to be processed simultaneously,

• bar lengths up to 6m with high bending potential,

• high surface tension on hollow glass,

• high mechanical and thermal wear,

• diversity of shapes of glass items,

• changing conditions with different glass containers,

• level of requirements to pre-sorting in exact position.


These requirements are accumulated in our systems.


We supply complete solutions, consisting out of the bar as carrier, holders, montage elements and insulators.


Our customers will receive an advanced and compatible system. Due to our extensive experience, we can present you the best stacker insulation system.