KOMPOSIT-SG is manufactured from woven silicate textiles and possesses higher mechanical strength and higher density then KOMPOSIT-S. A particular highlight is the outstanding breaking resistance and insulating qualities, with minimum wall thicknesses.







The most important applications are:

• Automotive

• Batteries

• Building and fireproof construction elements

• Electrotechnic

• Power generators

• Fire protectors, fire barriers

• Fuel cells

• Glass manufacturing

• Thermal processing equipment

• Medical equipment

• Metallurgy

• Production lines and industrial equipment

• Industrial robots

• Seals, gaskets

• Semiconductors

• Welding protectors


Colour: cremewhite.


Panels (sheets) dimension as standard is: 450 x 400 mm in thickness 1mm till 10 mm.


For building industry and fireproof constructions:

One-man panel dimension 2.000 x 600mm thickness 0,8mm till 8mm

Ceiling panel dimension 1.250 x 625mm thickness 0,8mm till 8mm

Other measurements are on request.


Price is on request.